Drogheda Tri Duathlon

12717608_595183543979862_1018409273483567456_nSundays are traditionally a lazy day in Lusk…. taking it easy before the long week ahead. Well nobody has told Lusk AC this. Long​,​ ​s​low ​r​un Sundays, Junior Parkrun and we ha​d​ Drogheda Duathlon​ all on Sunday.​
Yes, our brave young and old men of the club took on the might of the Tri community and yes…. failed to win. But on the fun stakes we triumphed above them all. So well done to Stephen, Eamon, Rodrigo,Thomas and Colm on a great mornings work.
Incidentally the winner today and very impressive was Austin Dennis from Fingal TRI and a Lusk man, so maybe we can claim a victory. Also taking part today was Christopher McGee and Peter McEvoy.
Recommend this charity event to everyone. Well done Drogheda Triathlon Club on a very well organised event.​