Welcome to Lusk Athletic Club

  • December 13, 2015

Hello Everyone,

As you are aware our club is a club that is growing progressively and has a wide and varied membership participating in many different events. Since 2009 when Lusk AC reformed we adapted successfully to the demands of its members implementing change where necessary.

WelcomeA very important aspect of any club is communication and the necessity for a fully functional method for its members and community. Our new improved website has being brought up-to-date to put our club in a strong position as we strive for excellence in everything we do. It has taken many people nearly twelve months to put our website in place and make it fully functional. We aim to make our website the premier place to view all there is to know about Lusk AC and athletics in general in our community.

We also have links to important information necessary for the safe operation of any club. We have quick links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Very important too is that our weekly newsletter will be available for everyone to see from now.

A massive thank you must go to Conor Corr for his time, patience and expertise in implementing our new website. Thank you also to Nicole Hodson and Eamon McBride for their valued assistance on the project.

Our new, improved website is only the first of many improvements that Lusk AC is making for a vibrant and active Lusk Community.

Best wishes
Colm McNally (Chairman)