Lusk AC rocked & rolled today 🎸


The hugely popular Rock N Roll races took place in Dublin on Sunday and the bus leaving Lusk at 7am was full of nervous anticipation as for some it was their first half marathon.
Six of the crew had been given the task of pacing various distances for the races while another six put something back into the sport by taking on the important job of marshaling the course.
It was an extremely windy morning and so no doubt times were affected by this. However, there were some great achievements and it’s fantastic to see the progress that is being made by all.
Rock n Roll 10k
Sean Greensit 44:36 (Pacer)
Linda Broderick 58:13 (Pacer)
Catherine O’Reilly 1:04:22
Wendy Clohessy 1:16:49


Rock n Roll Half Marathon
John Tindley 1:40:23
Will Walsh 1:40:47
Conor Clune 1:41:02
Colm Wall 1:42:59
Laura Robinson 1:46:37 (Pacer)
Eamon Caffrey 1:46:37 (Pacer)
Fiona Reinhardt 1:51:11
Olivia Sampson-Giles 1:54:43
Annette Foy 1:55:37
Kathy McNamara 1:56:02
Ellen Carroll 1:59:59
Iseult McCloskey 2:01:55
Linda McNally 2:14:21
Emer O’Toole 2:14:25
Jacqui Palmer 2:15:50
Elba Vargas-Russell 2:19:19
Josephine Lara 2:28:02
Nicole Hodson 2:29:10 (Pacer)
Miriam Finan 2:30:22
Claudia Kemna-Lee 2:30:31
Emma Jameson 2:35:21
Eilish Lynch 2:56:34
Ursula McDonald 2:58:32 (Pacer)
John McDonald 2:58:42
Louise Brazil

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