Senior & Masters Athletics

This is the competitive section of the club for adults. Member of The Graduates Group progress to this section of the club as their fitness level improves. This area of the club has seen increased numbers from only five members in 2014 to well over one hundred members currently.

Our main focus for this group is 5km, 10km, 10 mile, Half Marathon and the Marathon. Lusk Athletic Club has developed training plans for everyone to follow either for an individual event or as a progression through the distances during a running season. 2016 saw an amazing 42 members of this group take part in the Dublin Marathon.

Training takes place for the group four times weekly. This includes long slow distance running, Fartlek, sprint sessions (including hills sprints) and core training. Training plans for this group are consistently being upgraded or new plans introduced to ensure the athlete competes to the best of their ability in whatever their chosen discipline is.

Our focus moving forward within this area is to put in place a full Track and Field training program. This is to be ready for our current teenage athletes who will participate in a full Dublin Graded Meeting Program from the age of 16 years plus. Since the club has reformed in 2009 all our juveniles have been regular participants in Track and Field unlike most of the current Senior and Masters Group who have never had any experience in this area. Also, a full Adult Cross Country training program will be put in place for athletes interested in this discipline.