Leinster Squads

There are 2 different Leinster squads that have training days for Juvenile Athletes: Development for u14-16 and Performance for u17-19 (2024 age groups)

These take place over 4 different weekends, 1 per month in Oct,4th Nov, 9th Dec, 7th January

Dec 7th entry links are below

Leinster Squad NIA, Abbotstown.

Development squad DECEMBER: https://eventmaster.ie/event/MdmoTbdiBz

Performance squad : https://eventmaster.ie/event/krexHK2TA2


Educational webinar with Sports Psychologist and Olympian, Jesie Barr

Injury prevention with Sports Physiotherapist, Robbie Smyth

There are additional resources for Athletes linked below


7 day challenges

Hydration Guide

Importance of Sleep