History Of the Club

Lusk Athletic Club was original formed in 1975 and through a small group of volunteers and parents was a very successful club and an integral part of the community.  However founding athletes grew up and parents moved on, and so the club went into decline and became inactive in 1999.

Ten years later in 2009 in response to the growing demand for sport in Lusk, the club was re-established. The first year saw 30 members join the club made up mainly of four or five families and their friends.

Since then the club has grown rapidly to its present record membership in 2015. While the health and fitness of our members through Fun is our focus, it is only achievable through the volunteer aspect of the membership, that it truly becomes part of the community, which is fully inclusive and equal for all.

Lusk AC is fortunate to be part of a community that ensures the wellbeing of its citizens. This caring aspect is well known throughout Fingal and beyond. Wherever our members travel taking part in competition, we are conscious that we represent everyone from the community of Lusk.

Lusk AC organise and host a charity fun run on St. Stephens Day each year for a nominated local charity. We actively support participation in events in the community organised by other clubs and organisations.

We are part of a young, vibrant, confident and caring community and proud to be Lusk AC. Our philosophy is to have fun and get active.